Tips for people moving into their first apartment

It reaches a point in life where people especially the millennia’s find themselves wanting to break free and fly solo. It is not only an emotional trying moment but also financially challenging since the expenses incurred when moving into a new apartment arise unexpectedly.

It is usually tempting to just go out and see the apartments and makes a decision based on what is available and not doing some of the important things such as establishing a budget and considering a stream of costs one will face when living on his/her own. A general rule of thumb is that the rent should amount to no more than 30% of one’s income, but in some cases it is likely that you will need to pay more – especially if you live in a big city and in this case consider fewer than 50% of one’s income for rent.

It is very important to consider one’s credit rating as it has an impact on his/her chances to rent. One needs to have a cover of at least three to four months’ worth of living expenses saved up when moving into a new place for the first time. It is usually the norm for millennial especially students to furnish their houses with the latest items just to impress their friends. However, one needs to note that his/her apartment does not have to look like the community’s model when he/she first move in. He/she needs to delay instant gratification because some of the best deals are those that you wait for.

Basically, as one move into a new apartment, he/she may need a place to sleep, to sit down and to eat. With that, one may need to be open to secondhand items including whatever his/her parents are willing to give up. Such a gesture will go a long way towards ensuring unnecessary expenses and costs are minimized. Even though one is transiting to be more independent, he/she needs to allow it to be a phase-in of transitioning from student life or living with parents, to a lifestyle that his/her income can catch up to later. Such needs to be a practice of students who may for example be studying in Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and may wish to settle in the apartments Portland OR.

Moving out need not blur one’s vision. It is very common to find some renters (for the first time or new renters) doing a mistake of overlooking simple expenses of living beyond rent, like electricity, laundry services and the like. Besides rent, other utilities and expenses need to be catered for to ensure a comfortable living. For the working class, transportation services may also be a factor to be considered. For people settling in the apartments Portland OR, there are a variety of well-developed transport options common to major US cities.

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