Decoration tips for people living in apartments

There is nothing more satisfying than having a well decorated place for a home. That welcoming atmosphere as one enters his room, the comfy couches and well lit rooms, just but to mention a few, makes life in apartments worth living. In order to attain such a setting for your apartment room, you need to adopt the appropriate decoration procedures and standards that will keep visitors coming to your room more often.

For furniture, the general rule of the thumb is to avoid cramming furnishings by opting for scaled-down furniture which suits a smaller space. One need not have an over-sized and overstuffed couch in the room since a small space will feel better with moderately sized furnishings. For bedding, one can consider the right mix of colors, pillows and prints to make a space seem airier – we all know how well combined colors bring an aura of elegance, especially in the bedroom.

For people seeking to have nature’s touch in their apartments, they may bring in a plant and a fresher, lighter feel is hence attained. One may hang the plant if there is no room on the floor. Airy pieces of furnishings also accentuate the room’s value. One can choose a see through acrylic table instead of a solid-wood coffee table. Proper utilization of corners may offer a great spot where one can squeeze in an extra chair or a corner bookshelf hence making the room more livable.

Curtains may be hang in such a manner as to give the impression that the windows seem taller through installation of curtain rods just a few inches below the ceiling instead of right above the window frame.  Hanging the curtains outside the window or even where there are no windows may make one’s space bigger. Moreover, curtains need to blend with the walls to create an unbroken line hence making a room feel much larger especially for small size rooms.

For the walls and floors, on may opt for light colors since softer hues can make room feel bigger and brighter. One may also use the walls as displays by hanging up jeweler and pleasant drawings in the sitting room just to break the plain walls with something unique. In the kitchen, one may clear out drawer space by hanging pretty cutting boards. A vertical stripe on the walls makes a low ceiling feel higher. Moreover, a mirror may also be hanged opposite a window to bounce light around the room making the space feel airier.

People wishing to settle in the apartments Portland OR may consider such kinds of decorations for their rooms. The places we stay have a direct impact on our lives since it determines how happy or sad we are each day. A well decorated room will make one’s coming into his/her apartment seem a moment worth longing for.

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